About Julia Mironova 

Julia Mironova is a passionated professional interior designer  engaged in the design of private and public interiors for more then 7 years.  She studied design of architectural environment in Moscow Institute of Architecture (Russia). Now she lives in Ireland and works all over Europe, UK and Ireland. Julia's team provides the full-service from renovation  to new construction, interior design and decoration.

She was lucky to shoot in several famous Russian TV interior design shows and knows exactly how to create spectacular spaces for outstanding people. She studied Feng shui with the best Malaysian masters and believes that homes we live in can potentially impact our health and over all sense of comfort and well being.

She  likes to mix styles and directions, to experiment, to combine incongruous: art deco and minimalism, modern classics and eclecticism. "I am convinced that the color in the room is of great importance, the successes of a person largely depend on it. Therefore, the concept of the project always pays particular attention to color solutions, taking into account the relationship between living space, its inhabitants and the surrounding nature."

Julia is a great  problem solver and story teller. She helps her clients to  solve their  main problems professionally and  creates  unique spaces for them. She create the spaces that  reflect her client's lifestyle and tell their personal story.  She believes that "in the interior, as in painting, everything should harmoniously blend - colors, shapes, proportions".   And as a result  this new  auspicious design leads to better lives of its owners.