Luxury hotel in Japan you would love to stay at

“Design is not for philosophy it’s for life” (Issey Miyake). It’s for good life I would say while admiring the design of Conrad Osaka Hotel in Japan.

The Conrad  Osaka fuses contemporary design with five-star luxury in the upper levels of a skyscraper in the heart of the city, complete with modern artworks, spacious guest rooms, quality restaurants, a chic spa – and panoramic views. These  modern and airy oasis was certainly designed with the Japanese resort destination in mind, it also takes inspiration from the lofty, ultramodern properties of Shanghai and Hong Kong.


The hotel exudes a contemporary chic style infused with traditional Japanese elements. The “tour de force” of design is the arresting lobby which gazes over the city’s buzzy Nakanoshima neighborhood through a floor-to-ceiling wall of windows, while a minimal white spiral staircase leads downstairs to lower level public spaces featuring a stunning collection of 389 contemporary artworks from Japanese artists – from molecular white bubble-like sculptures to a shimmering curtain of sparkling reflection crystal shards.

Contemporary chic style of Conrad Osaka Hotel

Contemporary chic style of Conrad Osaka Hotel

The interior design of the Conrad Osaka combines various artworks allowing guests to feel like they’re staying in a contemporary art museum.

The interior design concept for the hotel was "The Address to the Sky." The natural elements of "Water", "Sky", "Fire" and "Star" became the theme of each area.


In order to create the sky-like lighting environment, the designers  illuminate objects and eliminate some shadows, aiming to generate a sense of floating. The uplights around the artwork at the entrance render the crystal beads from the bottom to the top and exhibit them in a way that makes them seem weightless.


Light can absolutely alter how people perceive the environment, both consciously and unconsciously, including their emotion, mental state, and thinking about the atmosphere. If a delicate art piece is illuminated in the proper way, the focal light reveals its material and texture so that viewers will feel surprised and moved by the authenticity of the aesthetic. For the ambient lighting, when the light smoothly and subtly changes, following the time shift and seasons passing, our natural instinct is to respond to the light and deeply feel it.

So the sense of floating on the artwork  "God of Wind and Thunder" at the entrance was created by the hidden uplights around, and it is the centerpiece at the entrance which catches the attraction of the views


Conrad Osaka is the hotel for guests looking for something above and beyond and definitely worth visiting and enjoying the Japanese tea experience surrounded by the feeling of  contemporary art museum full of light and air!


Text by: Julia Mironova