5 Main Interior Design Trends spotted at Maison et Objet 2018 Paris

Hi, Darlings! This is  Julia here. I’m so excited to start  my blog!  I feel like I can no longer keep it all inside me and have to share my passion to design, art, interiors with you. 

I decided to start  with the event which has influenced me so much this year and that influences designers from all over the world for many years. As you have probably guessed already it is  Maison et Objet.  

The show is really BIG, more then 3000 exhibitors showcasing the latest international homewares, furniture, accessories, and lighting  and etc. It  is run in Paris from 1994.

Rich berry colors, velvet, brass,  curved shapes seams to be in favor this year.  And as I am a fan of color, geometry and function I just couldn’t pass by without my heart beating faster. So I’ d like to share with you some of my favorite  trends of this year:


1. Color (from nude pink  to rich berry colors with a splash of green)


One of my absolute favorites is the “Wink” lamp by Houtique  in nude pink color. It combines things  I like: the color of refinement and unusual form in which the motivative meaning is laid.

Ana Hernández designed this product through her belief that the observation is one of the key factors to create and develop innovative designs. Her obsession to see, study and know every detail was the main inspiration of the “Wink” lamp. Which is is composed of different elements that remind us to the past and the future winking to the use of bangs, gold and the observation.



Speaking about colors I need to mention  emerald green with a little splash of blush pink which can be seen on many stands.  But here I want to mention a beautiful stand of  HARTO . Just have a look at their curvy sideboard which looks really great opposite green wall.



2. Curved shapes


I love these playful Nubilo sofas from Petite Friture .  NUBILO is a sofa and armchair serie in which the multiplication of cushions evokes the image of a cloud,  softness, comfort.


CC-Tapis rugs is an Italian company, which produces contemporary hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs, which are created in Nepal.  This year  they represented their rugs in soft calming tones. I love their pastel neutrals and curved forms so much!



3. Natural materials


Secto wooden  lamps are definitely on trend and what I love about them that they are absolutely eco friendly. They are initially designed for energy saving bulbs and today Secto Design is actively searching for new, low-energy light sources such as the best possible LEDs. The birch of the Secto Design lamps is produced in Central Finland that is transported only short distances. During production recycling and sorting are paid attention to, and sawdust, for example, is used to make wood pellets for the heating of houses. So its really eco friendly lamps which provide a soft luminosity for atmosphere and appeal.



Have you seen Paola Paronetto paper clay products? They are simply amazing! The collection of paper clay objects has grown over time and full of oversized bottles and bowls. The line gets its unique texture from adding paper pulp and fiber to the ceramic mixture, giving each piece a delicate and tactile quality that screams fragile. I have seen them for the first time and just could not pass by, there are so artisan! 



4. Brass


Brass is on trend for the last few years, I would say. You can spot it every where in lighting, furniture, decor, sanitary and etc. Less high shine materials  such as brass, nickel will add  organic luxury  look to your space.

 ENO studio  are  great in finishes-they use a great combination of warm metals with muted velvet. Dusty pink Vega pouf in the brass finish is definitely number 1 in their new collection. 


5. Black sanitary ware


One more trend to mention about is black sanitary ware. Black fixtures in a matte finish have a heritage appeal that represents the next evolution for bathroom fixtures, and offers a strong contrast against white countertops. it seams that black sanitary is becoming very  popular nowadays. I think that the  bathroom is becoming more than just a functional space now days, its a  relaxing and spa-like retreat.  Here are two more companies I would like to mention about.

Ex.t is an Italian design brand for bathroom furniture, accessories and lighting based in Florence. An innovative brand which mixes the international vision of its designers with the Italian expertise in the use of techniques and materials.



Cielo is an Artisan Italian Ceramic manufacturer, they design and develop an exclusive range of ceramics and baths. What  I really love about them how they add a relax room feeling to bathrooms.


I’m sure there will be more new trends soon, so choose only what is right for you. Trend are always changing and style is timeless.

Hope you had nice time while reading it and see you soon!

Love, Julia


(Text, Photography: by Julia Mironova )



Julia Mironova